Minister of Finance

The Minister of Finance along with The Board of Trustees is appointed by the Senior Pastor to serve as the governing body of the Church.  He, along with the Senior Pastor, monitors and controls all finance reports, property assessments, and taxes.  They meet periodically to review financial statements, annual reports, and bank statements.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry is the most essential ministry of the church.  Intercessory Prayer cannot be ignored.  The intercessor petitions God on behalf of the church and intercedes for the people.  Intercession is a compassionate plea for the well-being of others rather than for one’s own needs.

Membership Ministry

The Membership Ministry is the responsibility of helping members feel a sense of family.  That includes sending the members birthday cards, sympathy cards, or thinking of you cards.  It also includes grafting in the new members after they have learned the core values, mission statement and vision statement of the church.

Marriage Enrichment Ministry

The Marriage Enrichment Ministry’s goal is to teach the principles of maintaining godly marriages in the kingdom of God, by applying techniques as taught through the Word of God.  Marriage was God’s perfect plan, until…  Don’t let your marriage die.  All married and engaged couples are welcome.

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry has its major goal the building of godly men of excellence.  Men meet each second and fourth Monday for prayer, bible study, and fellowship.  The men pursue godly relationships with other men as they help each other develop into church leaders.  The slogan that drives the ministry is found in Proverbs 27:17 – Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.  We are men who bring our ideas together to help each other become sharper.

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s ministry has as its major goal the building of godly women of excellence.  Women meet for prayer, book study, and fellowship.  The women pursue godly relationships with other women as they help each other develop into church leaders.  The settings for meetings are in the form of seminars, round table discussions, invited speakers, and more.  The meetings are open to women from inside and outside of the Church.

Christian Education Ministry

The Christian Education Ministry focuses on learning who God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are.  Mt. Sinai enjoys a reputation of being a teaching ministry.  The Christian Education department plays a vital role in the spiritual education of the members.  The CE department includes: Adult Bible Study Sunday School

Security Ministry

The Security Ministry is responsible for ensuring the safety of the church’s property, as well as, the people who come for worship.

Culinary Ministry

The Culinary Ministry caters food for church events and various other social functions.

Minister of Music

The Minister of Music has charge over the following: The Evangelical Choir The Cathedral Choir The Youth Choir The Praise & Worship Teams The Musicians (Band)

Ushers’ Ministry

The Usher’s Ministry with warm smiles and courteous spirits, the ushers of the Mt. Sinai church assist in the seating of parishioners during any and all worship services.  They also assist in addressing concerns or questions parishioners may have during worship.  They strive to keep order.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry of Mt. Sinai is important to the whole congregation.  The Praise & Worship team sets the atmosphere for the worship experience, and the Evangelical Choir prepares the hearts of the people to receive the Word.  The music ministry constantly strives for excellence so that the Mt. Sinai worship experience is enriched.

Greeters Ministry

The Greeters Ministry Is the in-house welcoming ministry.  They post themselves at the door of the Sanctuary with a smile, to make guests and members feel welcome and at home.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry Is by far one of the most important ministries of the church.  Great care has been taken to craft a holistic youth ministry.  It consists of the following sub-divisions: CORE: Centered on Rendering Excellence is its driving force Youth Bible Study, Daughters of Ruth Sons of David, Children’s Church

Ministry of Media and Sound

The Ministry of Media and Sound Is crucial for the members to stay connected.  Whether it’s in the physical building, across social media, or teleconferencing, Media and Sound is there.

Indoor/Outdoor Maintenance Ministry

The Indoor/Outdoor Maintenance Ministry Works to make sure God’s property is fit for the King and His guests.

Parking Attendants Ministry

The Parking Attendants Ministry Was created to let people know they are welcome to God’s House from the moment they enter the grounds.

Praise Dance Ministry

The Praise Dance Ministry Praises God in the Sanctuary according to Psalm 150, “Praise Him with the tumbrel and dance”.  The Ministry brings a taste of what it will be like in heaven to the people of God.

Evangelism and Outreach Ministry

The Evangelism and Outreach Ministry Is designed to effectively lead people to Christ and help them become established in the local church.  They also reach out to those who are less fortunate, following the mandates of Jesus Christ:  If you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.

Health and Wellness Ministry

The Health and Wellness Ministry Is one that works together in mind, body and soul, as we move toward holistic ministry.  The ministry has health care professionals who are available to guide the church members through spiritual and physical fitness.

Financial Empowerment Ministry

The Financial Empowerment Ministry teaches Mt. Sinai members basic techniques of managing money.  You can learn “how to get out of debt” and “how to chart and stick to a budget” and more.

Drama Ministry

The Drama Ministry showcases the talents and acting skills of its members.  We present skits and shows on holidays and special occasions.  We do drama, comedic, and monologues based on God’s Word.  If you think you would like to be a part of the Drama Ministry, come and grow with us.